Imagine seeing a friend after a long time and they look amazing…

Imagine seeing a friend after a long time and they look amazing; glowing with joy from within and super chill -- so you ask how have you been? And then they tell you an amazing story of a year-long journey of transformation with white-knuckle moments interspersed with serene quiet moments and lots of crazy stuff in between. This book is like that -- told in intimate language as a close friend may speak to you -- of an amazing period of personal growth that happened once your friend started writing in a daily gratitude/intention journal, after a soul-crushing series of losses and defeats. This book is a gift to all who choose to read and take it in, for there are lessons here for everyone. But also a great travel story too. I was reminded of my little brother who likes many of the same things this novel's protagonist does: music, travel, hanging with a tribe of close friends, and keeping an open mind. You won't read anything else quite like this, and will be glad to have taken the journey this book offers!

- Richard Hutter


An epic quest to discover more of oneself on a colorful, global journey

I absolutely loved this book! Tim Shields did an incredible job bringing each character to life. I've always enjoyed reading...this one was extra special in many ways. I felt like I was right there watching each scene unfold right alongside Thomas :) It pulled at the strings of my heart - capable of tears and also more laughs out loud than I can count! A true page-turner, embracing humanness to the fullest - exposing deep personal fears while yet having a faith that life will still work out, sometimes at the last second. Throughout the book a few themes and phrases emerged that I've since realized the unexpected impact as I now incorporate them in my own thinking and language. Ohhhh, and I must add, the exquisite usage and timing of the shrink dink - thanks for the epic laugh! :) I'm so excited for book two!

- Meghann Oudman

Great debut novel and well worth it!

A fast moving tribute to the hearts ability to find peace and joy in our lives and this world. So very welcome to read a novel about a spiritual journey through the eyes of a man. While the spiritual journey is so well articulated, the book is also a super fun read and includes a nice mix of sex, drugs and rock and relatable. I hope Tim continues to write....would definitely pick up any other book of his!

- Clare Little

A Curiously Interesting Read

I came across this book on a whim. The title and cover struck me and once I read a bit about it I knew I had to dive in. From the beginning I was hooked. So much of what the author wrote spoke to me, not because I had a similar story but because the overall guiding themes of loss, discovery, faith, and hope are universal. The main protagonist of the story, Thomas, took a chance and went after his discovery where most wait for it to come to them.

If you enjoy a story that weaves, heart, soul, and spirit along with some purely entertaining narrative then I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book.

- Amazon Customer

A Curious Year found me shortly after traveling in SE Asia

A Curious Year found me shortly after traveling in SE Asia for just 3 weeks. The vibration of the language Tim uses throughout the book has allowed me to keep my traveling vibration alive. And has given me inspiration to never stop tapping into that energy.

You are taken through Thomas' journey of not only traveling but also of relationships, working, loneliness, and connection. This is a human experience that will resonate with anyone who has traveled, longs to travel, or wants to continue to tap into that which heightens their vibration.

- Emily Kasman

A must read and wonderful journey!

A compelling story that takes you on a trip across the world.

I recommend reading this book and experiencing the transformation of the main character Thomas. I was surprised how drawn in I was to this book and I connected with the main character from the start.

This book helped me reflect on my own journey and guided me with questions I don't think I would of ever asked myself. I am so grateful for stumbling upon this book and promise it won't disappoint!

- Rosemary Iguina

Great Travel Escape!

A Curious Year finds both the joy and pain of solo travel, balancing the need for escape and discovery. The fear of the unknown meets the excitement of adventure, new people, and amazing places. Relating to the need for Thomas to find what's missing, release fears, and manifest his dreams, this book was a fun ride and reminder of the power of gratitude and intentions. Thanks Tim!

- Karen

Funny, Deep, Adventurous

An adventure-esque style book that makes you not want to put it down! I love the story of the writer, traveling mostly through Asia, trying to find himself and also a topic for his book. A ton of laugh out loud moments, and moments where you really feel for the main character. A book once you finish you immediately want to hand it off to your friend to read (which I did)!

- Amazon Customer

A Must Read!

Well written and easily digestible, the story of Thomas’ journey is raw and relatable. This book came into my life at the exact moment I needed it. Read the book. You’ll be happier you did!

- Nina Chomak

A Curious Year Indeed!

I rarely can stick to the end with a book these days, but this one right to the last period, of the last paragraph on the last page. I found myself actually waiting each day until I could rid myself of my daily chores and savor the next "Well what happened next?" moment. This book has it all and then some. It is not only a great outward adventure, but also the quest of the one man's journey to understand the deeper elements of life. A great read and highly recommended!

- A. Boyce

Couldn't put it down!

Bravo! A great read. I love to dive in and be taken on a journey and A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment did a fabulous job. All the synchronicities were a wonderful reminder of being open to miracles and living in the flow. I loved the part where in Seattle Thomas started going back to the old ways of being constricting and how traveling opens up a vulnerability to great connections and life experiences. I highly recommend this book.

- Dr. Cynthia Miller

An awakening to the meaning of consciousness

Adventure, gratitude, love, introspection, and an awakening of the meaning of consciousness. Through a whirlwind journey across the world, this book takes you through one man's discovery of his true self and in the process, uncovers a deeper understanding of how our thoughts and intentions impact the world around us. It's a brave work of art that is thoroughly worth the read, and I can only hope the author will take us further along his adventure with more books to come.

- Wasserturm

This book couldn't have come in a more perfect time in my life.

This book couldn't have come in a more perfect time in my life. It brought some new insight about inward awakening in an interesting digestible way! The perfect read for me always being on the go.

- Christina

Those of us who have experienced the pain and heartbreak of losing ...

Those of us who have experienced the pain and heartbreak of losing a parent knows it feels like our world is never going to be the same. We suddenly realize that something intangible is forever lost. But there are ways of coping and coming out on the other side of this despair and sadness. This is the journey that Tim Shields takes the reader on in this wonderful story of emancipation. It's a story that is as deep as it tragic, beautiful, and inspiring. 

The story is about Thomas Furey, who finds himself at a crossroads in this life. He is in his mid-thirties and without a job to fall back on. He's feeling desperately isolated and alone as he mourns the death of his mother. With many other things that are simultaneously going wrong in his life, Thomas feels himself sinking into a deep well of misery and sadness. How can he possibly get himself out of this dark abyss that was created by the unfortunate events in his life? 

Suddenly, Thomas thinks of something liberating and he is convinced that this will help him to overcome these obstacles. He buys himself a one-way ticket to India. After he buys it, he becomes fearful yet filled with hope and ready to be guided by his intuition. The journey takes him all over Southeast Asia for a year. 

I loved this book. This is a story that takes the reader on a journey like no other, to become emancipated and cleansed by the end of the story and to think for him/herself about what it means to live an authentic life. The story is laced with philosophy and the deep intuition of a person who is trying to recreate his life. A lot occurs between sunrise and sunset.

- Irene Roth

From Amazon UK

A Tour de Force in Spiritual Writing

What a great book !!!
The blurb describes the book as a work of 'fiction' but such is the journey we embark upon through the author's narrative that it becomes very clear that the only fiction involved was in calling it a work of fiction!!
This is truth unveiled in a beautifully expressed manner using exceptional colourful prosaic language.
The book is a brilliantly narrated life journey by Tim Shields in discovering the inner truth of his life and we are carried along on a stream of hash and alcohol infused adventures through South East Asia in his brave solo quest for self discovery.
There is a wonderful truth underlying the narrative that becomes the real self-discovery mechanism for the author in his quest and the secret is openly shared for the reader to apply in his or her daily life. It is a brilliant creative tool for manifestation ...
This is priceless... I LOVED IT...
Thank you Tim

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