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*Regarding the Soundtrack:

When I needed an original musical score for my book trailer, I challenged my 19-year-old nephew and godson, Jack Shields, to score it. The success of the familial collaboration gave birth to the idea of Jack creating an original soundtrack. At the time, Jack was in the middle of his own curious year—he had just left Chapman University halfway through his first semester. His parents (i.e. my brother and sister-in-law) had granted him one year to pursue music full time.

Using my incomplete manuscript as inspiration, Jack set out to write the soundtrack of the book through the prism of his own curious year’s journey. The result is A Curious Year, the soundtrack to the book A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment.

A Curious Year was written and recorded in Ridgefield, CT, and mastered and produced in Nashville, TN. If you want to chat about the commercial possibilities that exist at the intersection of the music and literature, drop me a line above. I've got a few ideas myself.